Wings 3D

Wings 3D 1.4.1

It is an advanced subdivision modeler that is both powerful and easy to use
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Wings 3D is an advanced subdivision modeler that is both powerful and easy to use.
Wings 3D offers a wide range of modeling tools, a customizable interface, support for lights and materials, and a built-in AutoUV mapping facility.

Wings has a simple interface. Right-click menus give you easy access to common commands. These menus are context sensitive, so depending on your selection, a different menu pops up.

Covering over any menu item will display a brief description of the command in the Info Line at the bottom of the main window.

Variations to commands are listed in the Info Line. Many commands let you pick an extra vector or point that the command should operate upon. Command variations are initiated by selecting the command using the different mouse buttons. In the Info Line, the mouse buttons are abbreviated to L, M, and R.

Wings 3D has a comprehensive set of mesh modeling and selection tools.
- Standard tools such as Move, Scale, Rotate, Extrude, Bevel, Bridge, Cut, and Weld.
- Advanced tools including: Sweep, Plane Cut, Circularise, Intersect, Bend, Shear, and Inset.
- Magnets and Magnet Masking
- Virtual Mirror for symmetrical modeling
- Tweak and Sculpt
- Edge Loop and Edge Ring selection and navigation tools
- Smooth Preview

Add textures to your model using the AutoUV facility. AutoUV helps you cut and unfold an image of your model's surface, which you can then export for painting/texturing.

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